martedì 10 novembre 2009

Google Wave Hype... questions and concerns

I was invited to join Google Wave finally.. (thanks to a girlfriend who read my request, despite my many groups participation..)(Hey you know I am talking to you!)

Anyway, i tried to familiarize with it (sorry for the poorness of my English voc. today) and i found it guess what? a mess..

Yes indeed has the power to connect, like many other gadget, widget, marketing, get in touch, old friend, common interest flood of things we use today, but yes, it is a flood not a wave..

Laggy, slow, crashing. Yes I know is a preview, and like many of this kind, needs our input to better "performance".

Recently I joined a Second Life group of Wavers (type with:public secondlife and you will find all public SL related wave groups). They were someway upset and concerned for someone wipeing out all their waves. And they reported it to Google.

This unwanted feature that you can delete all other participants waves posts, makes it seem like a game zone, more than a trustable tool to share (even if publicly) informations and gathering messages.

Yes I am telling myself I need more time to learn it all.. but truly despite of the big rumor it had and have, nothing has changed in a matter of sharing thoughts. It is like another social networking tool. And that's it.

More chances for brained enjoying codes scripters and programmers, that have tons of features and codes and bots to work with.

For us it is not like this cause we are not coders. We can only wait for their implementation to come out and grab them (add their codes) to our dashboard.

Good luck folks..

The only thing i could appreciate is the yahoo old old way (was it yahoo? mmm) of reading other folks typing in real time and all what this implies in involving your attention.

But as soon as the laggy steaming machine crashes, you remain standing still stearing your eyes to a blank green bordered empty square.


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