giovedì 1 gennaio 2009

Business or Education in Second Life: where do I start?

Are you a company manager, or part of an institution, or a fan of the future web 2.0 and 3.0 virtual transformation ?...

You already know all about web or just that the static pages moved from a passive read only mode to really interesting you topics moving towards you.

Do You know that many of these pages now have a kind of three-dimensional immersive way of presentation?

You already know that now it's fashionable to exchange information via social networks and, above all, come in contact with the highest number of possible people - clients - groups through virtual platforms.

One of these platforms is Second Life, the best known, most beloved, most press released because it is a free speaking & self expression environment, with its own economy that moves it at more and more higher levels, with ample space to implement educational projects, universities and corporate, commercial, artistic installations.

In Second Life, the world created by Linden Lab, there are a number of services offered to residents, such as free access to the grid, customer service, a resident tuteling regulation.

The platform is tested, has very few if not rare interruptions of service, has a thriving domestic trade and many companies that advertise their products, internally, to partners often thousands of kilometers away, has a presence of over 250 universities worldwide that operate actively offering courses that use 3D environment immersivity.

What we can offer as service providers to those who wish to enter Second Life?

- Train people to use the platform, shortening the learning time by 50%

- Build facilities, offices, shops, educational environments and objects to allow your business launching, be it educational, be it commercial

- Provide a service and solutions for the revitalization of your business if it is already present in Second Life

- Provide a two-year experience on the platform, knowing it deeply and integrate it with web blogs and pages and social networks.

- We have made meetings and conferences to spread the use of virtual worlds in companies and institutions.

We'll be happy to answer your questions, as consultants in the official group of Second Life Gold Solution Providers program.

If you wish to know more about us, visit our website:
Write us, we will be happy to answer ...

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